The McGregor Museum houses major natural history and cultural history collections including a botanical herbarium, zoology collections, a historical archive (including documents, photographs and oral history recordings), ethnography collections, archaeology and rock art collections, physical anthropology, palaeontology and geology collections. The collections and associated research programs are reflected in permanent and temporary exhibits in various sections and buildings of the museum as well as in outreach programs in the province and displays in smaller museums. Moving from a purpose-built museum building in Chapel Street, the museum has its headquarters at the old Kimberley Sanatorium building in Belgravia, Kimberley. McGregor Museum has several satellites, including the original building in Chapel Street. Branches of the McGregor Museum today include the original McGregor Memorial Museum in town (city history displays), the Duggan-Cronin Gallery (photographic and ethnographic museum), Dunluce and Rudd House (two historical houses), the Pioneers of Aviation Museum, the Magersfontein Battlefield Museum, the Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Centre outside Kimberley and Wonderwerk Cave near Kuruman. The museum is governed by a Board of Trustees, aided financially by the Northern Cape Administration through the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture.

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