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One Museum Many Locations

McGregor Museum

This building, called the Kimberley sanatorium, was built at the instigation of C. J. Rhodes.

Alexander McGregor Memorial Museum

The original museum building in Chapel Street was donated to the people of Kimberley by Mrs Margaret McGregor in 1907

Duggan-Cronin Gallery

The Duggan-Cronin Gallery is a photographic museum displaying the photographs of Alfred Duggan-Cronin, Aubrey Elliot, Jean Morris and Alice Mertens.

Dunluce House Museum

Dunluce, or Lillianville as it was first known, is a typical late Victorian house with wooden facade and much of the original furnishings.

Rudd House Museum

Rudd House is a typical example of a residence built for wealthy people during the 19th century.

Magersfontein Battlefield Museum

The Magersfontein battlefield is a must for any visitor to Kimberley. Situated south of Kimberley.

Memorial to the Pioneers of Aviation

This National Monument situated on the site of the first flying school in South Africa.

Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Centre

On the outskirts of Kimberley is a community-based public rock art project, the Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Centre.

Wonderwerk Cave & Site Museum

Wonderwerk Cave has a very long record of human history, which exceeds that of any other recorded cave.