The McGregor Museum Department of Education has provided a learning service to schools for over a century.

We offer a variety of services to educate and inform the public about the history and heritage of the Northern Cape, specifically the city of Kimberley.

We have an important role to play in outreach activities to the broader Northern Cape community.  Some of our projects are aimed at people who do not or cannot normally visit the museum, and many are tackled in co-operation with other museum colleagues, government departments and organisations.

Our services include a variety of teaching methods:

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Museum Tours

We offer guided tours of all the McGregor Museum satellites for school groups or adults. Our education officer Suzanne Erasmus and our museum caretaker Bafana Ndebele are registered tourist guides. From time to time young volunteers are also trained as part-time museum guides to assist with large groups.

Museum Lessons

Special collections include specimens collected by J.P.H. Acocks, Maria Wilman for her book Preliminary Checklist of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of Griqualand West, A.A. Gubb for a vegetation map of the Northern Cape, and rare and threatened plants of the Northern Cape collected during research on their conservation status. Collecting trips to expand the collection are now aimed at areas that are under-represented or where plants have not been previously collected.


Herbaria are important storage and retrieval systems for plant-related data. This raw data forms the basis of many fields of plant research, where the first step is usually the correct identification of a species. Herbaria play an important role in supplying other researchers, industry and the public with botanical information.

Resource Center

The Resource Centre is a reference centre for pupils and teachers, with information in books, magazines, photographs and on computer.  It can also be used as a discovery centre for school-going children, where pupils are exposed to real objects and learn by themselves, or as a workshop venue for small groups of teachers.

Discovery Room

The Discovery Room is a hands-on touch and activity centre specifically for pre-school children.

Studying museum specimens.


THE McGREGOR MUSEUM is dedicated to the study of the cultural and natural history of the arid Northern Cape Province.

Teachers busy with a workshop on Evolution.

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