The library at the McGregor Museum is essentially a scientific reference library, which has its origins in the private collections of its earliest staff members, beginning with the first director, Miss Maria Wilman, in 1908.  Some of its volumes reflect the research interests and still bear the signatures of these scientists: Maria Wilman (archaeology, mineralogy, botany):  J Power (amphibians) Gerhard and Dora Fock (San rock engravings):  Richard Liversidge (ornithology and the Springbok Antidorcas marsupialis).

Dr Richard Liversidge has bequeathed his considerable collection of books and periodicals on birds to the Museum.  These have formed the centre of the Richard Liversidge Bird Room, to be opened in 2007 in his memory. 

The library is proud of its collection of books on the South African War, 1899-1902, which was commemorated in 1999.  Especially interesting are the unpublished diaries of ordinary citizens reflecting life during the Siege of Kimberley  (October 1899-February 1900).

The book and journal collection (presently 5 200 accessioned books, and a similar number of journals representing 120 titles) reflects the topics of research at the Museum.  Although its beginnings are rooted in the natural sciences, the Museum has expanded to include anthropology, and both cultural and conflict history.  The emphasis is on the diversity of peoples, plants and animals, both past and present, of the Northern Cape Province.  Although only staff members may borrow books, anyone is welcome to use the library for basic reference and research.

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