The registered history collection of the McGregor Museum dates from 1951, although historical items were donated even earlier in the museum’s history. In the 1960s the collection received a real boost through the energies of Dr and Mrs GA Fock, a trend encouraged by Dr Richard Liversidge. In 1967 policy changed and the museum was no longer a Natural History Museum but a General Museum, with the first professional historian being appointed in 1970.

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Functions & ServicesPosters designed for Outreach Projects


  • Developing historical displays for the McGregor Museum as well as for museums throughout the Northern Cape.

  • Developing travelling displays and educational resource materials.

  • Developing historical walking tours as an exciting and informal way to introduce the history of small towns in the Northern Cape to tourists.

  • Developing temporary historical displays to attract people from all communities to our museum.

  • Conducting interviews for oral history purposes.

  • Curating, developing and conserving the document and manuscript as well as the photographic collections relating to the history of the Northern Cape.

  • Conserving cultural items of the past for the people of the future.

Metal conservation   Oral history recording for Malay Camp


  • To carry out historical research relating to the social, cultural, commercial, political (including Forced Removals and Forgotten Suburbs), religious and genealogical aspects of the Northern Cape.

  • Training employees of Provincial museums in basic museum skills.

  • Assist in the museum’s educational programmes through information service, demonstrations and lectures and guided tours, including tours of Rudd House, Dunluce, Sanatorium, Duggan-Cronin Gallery

  • Outreach to disabled communities in Kimberley by arranging tea and doing guided tours for relatively small groups at a time.

  • Educational outreach to communities in the Northern Cape who do not have access to a museum.

  • Providing efficient exchange of historical data between our document and manuscript collection and other archives, research libraries and academic institutions.

  • Giving advice on handling of cultural objects.

  • Assist researchers both academic and general with inquiries.

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