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The Collection was begun in 1970 and could possibly more correctly be called the Pictorial Africana Collection since it includes paintings, postcards and cinefilms. The bulk of the Collection does however consist of photographs.  The subject matter is varied though obviously with a Kimberley and Northern Cape emphasis. There are mining photographs, ones depicting early Kimberley and the development of the town, buildings and personalities both famous and not so well known. The social life of Kimberley is represented by studies of weddings and other occasions as well as the venues where these took place such as churches and hotels.  The collection of Anglo- Boer War material is large with the focus being on the Western front and the Siege of Kimberley.   In addition to the general collection there are several important specialized ones. The Duggan- Cronin collection comprises the works of A. M. Duggan- Cronin and is in many ways unique both for its extent and subject matter. Nearly all the peoples of Southern Africa were photographed in their own surroundings between 1919 and 1939. These studies make up the bulk of the collection but there are also geological photos, still life portraits, animal studies and photographs of the campaigns in S.W.A. and East Africa during the First World War.  More modern collections are those of Aubrey Elliott and Jean Morris whose work spans the period from about 1960 until the 1980s. Visitors are welcome to view the photographs but because of the fragile nature of much of the material can only do so on request and under supervision. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist in whatever way we can. Facilities for the scanning of images are available while prints can also be obtained. Contact us for a price list.

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