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The first military historian was only appointed in 1980 but the collection of militaria dates back to 1908 when siege relics were among the first items received by the museum.  Collecting intensified with the development of the Magersfontein Battlefield Museum in the late 1960s. The collection covers certain aspects of the Anglo-Boer War, namely the Western campaign and the Siege of Kimberley as well as the Kimberley Regiment with associated units. Material from the two World Wars and Early Aviation includes ammunition, badges, buttons, documents, guns, field equipment, souvenirs, uniforms and firearms.  The museum has a very interesting and varied military medal collection. This includes medals awarded for early overseas campaigns such as the Indian Army medal of 1799-1826. The museum, however, concentrates on collecting medals of interest to Kimberley and the Northern Cape. This includes the Kimberley Regiment, Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 and medals awarded to citizens of Kimberley. The museum also has a good collection of World War medals. In addition the military history department has a vast document collection relating to military actions in and around the Northern Cape with specific emphasis on the western campaign of the Anglo-Boer War.

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