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Cultural History

GramophoneThis department was established in the 1950s and originally covered objects, documents and photographs. After separate Archives and Photograph departments were formed this department concentrated solely on historical objects. These include furniture, office equipment, photographic items, glassware, ceramics, silverware and other metals, gramophone records and sound systems, toys and dolls, numismatics including coins and commemorative medals and tokens and textiles including a large costume and costume acSilwerwarecessories collection. The costume collection covers the period from the 1850s – 1970s and is constantly growing with new additions. The department is responsible for the care and maintenance of historical objects on display at Dunluce and Rudd House. These historical houses were donated to the museum by the Orr family and De Beers respectively.

Vida Allen – Historian/Archivist

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Gents fashion 1780 & 1840    Ladies fashion 1867 & 1900