Nananthus aloidesThe Botany Department at the McGregor Museum aims to study, conserve and promote the appreciation of the rich plant life of the arid environments of the Northern Cape Province, for the benefit of its people.

This department includes the KMG Herbarium (McGregor Museum Herbarium, Kimberley) that is a collection of plants of the arid Northern Cape. Maria Wilman, first Director of the McGregor Museum, founded it in 1908. This herbarium houses a historical collection of Northern Cape plants, and serves as a regional herbarium for an area encompassing almost a third of South Africa.

Research currently focusses on the ecology of rare plant species and plant diversity. Research results are communicated to the broader community through various popular publications. Staff is committed to publicising the Northern Cape flora and new research findings through the museum's educational programmes, educational resources, displays and exhibits.

Our staff serves on several Northern Cape committees and fora; thus providing specialist botanical input which contributes towards the conservation of South Africa's rich natural heritage.

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Richtersveld flowers after winter rainfall Kokerboom in Richtersveld National Park Ebracteola wilmaniae