Social Anthropology studies culture and human relationships. Culture is seen as the whole way of life of societies. The way of life means behaviour, values and customs in a society. As a study of culture, anthropology is clearly defined in a museum through indigenous material culture, and contemporary life as displayed in the Duggan-Cronin through the exhibition of the photos taken by children with "mik-'n druk" cameras.

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The department has a collection of Duggan Cronin, Aubrey Elliot, Meyer, Maria Wilman and collection from other sources, which were donated and purchased. Conservation of artefacts is an ongoing activity of anthropology. That includes:

  • Maintenance and management of the artefacts.

  • Documentation of the collection.

Collaborative activities 

Collaborative work includes government stakeholders like the Department of Education, universities, researchers and heritage institutions.
The department is currently assisting Mappp-Seta to develop qualifications to be approved by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The following qualifications are developed: National certificate: Arts and Culture development practice (NQF 5) and National Certificate: Heritage Management (NQF5).

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Education Programme 

The Social Anthropology department is engaged on educational programmes, and has reached out to a number of schools in the province. We enhance learner's knowledge about cultural diversity, cultural resources and heritage issues. The main objective is to educate and make information accessible for all.
Our department present papers and talks for educators and subjects advisors of Arts and Culture subjects. Topics include teaching of social anthropology in the classroom, the role and place of indigenous knowledge in education.
The overall aim of the outreach is to enhance and improve the learning experience especially with issues of heritage, arts and culture.

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Research is an ongoing process in the department of social anthropology. Currently the study of the music of the San, titled "Ethnomusicology of the! Xun and Khwe" is complete and a documentary of both DVD and VHS has been produced. Also researchers from France have completed their study on the `San arrows' currently housed in the anthropology storeroom. The title of their research is `essaid'etude typologique, caracterisation d'un ensemble de fleches d' Afrique Australe.
Research of artifacts in the anthropology storeroom is also an ongoing activity of the department.

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How can you help? 

Current needs

  • Funding for field trips, research activities, fieldwork, conference attendance, and anthropology equipments.

  • Grants for research on cultural material.

  • Funding for outreach programmes.

  • Researchers to carry out research on anthropology collection.

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The Collections Manager post is currently vacant.

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